There was a rumour all throughout the palace that the Chevalier D’Argent was secretly a woman.

It was impressive that the Chevalier had so quickly become the target of rumour. The first son of a little-known family, Phillipe Gustave Adrien de Bellevoir had risen to prominence in the army, fighting in the siege of Fort Saint Phillip in the Mediterranean. He had only been at court for a month, and already his name was familiar enough to Gabrielle that the discussion around her now came as no surprise.

"They say her father was desperate for a son," exclaimed a young Princess of the Blood enthusiastically. "She was raised as a boy from infancy, and the doctor and the whole household sworn to secrecy."

The First Lady of the Bedchamber sighed and shook her head. “That sounds like a fairy story. I find it hard to believe anyone would think of such a scheme, let alone carry it out.”

"Besides, why would such a woman join the army?" asked a particularly pretty Duchesse. "Her secret would be discovered the moment she was injured."

"And if she were never injured?" replied the lady next to her, smoothly.

The pretty Duchesse made a face. “Surely you don’t believe this nonsense?”

"I think it is a charming story, whether true or false."


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♕ Cesare Borgia 

↳3x10 - The Prince

The Meeting on the Turret Stairs
Lord Frederic Leighton


The Meeting on the Turret Stairs

Lord Frederic Leighton

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“A person is a fool to become a writer. His only compensation is absolute freedom. He has no master except his own soul, and that, I am sure, is why he does it”


― Roald Dahl

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Rec: The Eye and the Eye


Title: The Eye and the Eye
Author: Ogiwara Saki
Format: Novel
Published/Free: Free
Length: 59k
Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Dubcon
Summary: Wang Dao Chen is a Chinese immigrant living in the poorest part of London, the Limehouse Basin. He is an innocent. Not in mind or in body, but in the way that he can see the good in everything and everyone around him. And in the way that he can see spirits. When great evil strikes Limehouse Dao Chen eyes are opened more than he ever wanted them to be.

Review: I’ll try not to give anything away, because I think it’s more enjoyable to be a little blindsided in stories, but you could read the tags if you really want to get a feel for it. This is an excellent story, not because of it’s beginning, which was perfectly fine, but what happens after that. Going in, I was more than ready to write this one off as a typical happy, light hearted kind of story that you find in the issues of S2B2. Wow, I was so wrong. It isn’t a dark story, but the more I read, the more I started to think, “This is going to end horribly. But it can’t! But it is! Oh God, the rats!!” Yeah, I got a little hysterical. At around part three or four, my eyes were definitely starting to sting.

I really started to feel for Dao Chen, even though I didn’t really think much of him at the beginning. I think the author did an outstanding job blending in what the readers wanted to happen with the reality of the situation. At one point, I didn’t know whether I was happy for Dao Chen or I should be sobbing for him and that feeling basically continued throughout the story. I also like this story because it left you feeling satisfied in a real world kind of way, if that makes since? It isn’t, “And they lived happily ever after.” More like, “And they lived… it was messy and hard, but they lived anyway.”

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"It seems that when you want to make a woman into a hero, you hurt her first. When you want to make a man into a hero, you hurt… also a woman first."

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if the first shot of ur male main character involves him in bed with a naked woman he just had a one night stand with who’ll probably not have any lines (unless it’s to compliment the man) and who in all likelihood will never reappear in the story, all in an effort to make ur male character seem “cool but emotionally distant/fragile” 

1. i already hate him 

2. i already hate you

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"We have tendency to define ourselves in opposition to stuff. But try to also express your passion for things you love. Be demonstrative and generous in your praise of those you admire. Send thank-you cards and give standing ovations. Be pro-stuff, not just anti-stuff."

— Tim Minchin (x)

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Tancred. *^^*

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